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brain-boosting engagement for seniors

A world of fun is at your fingertips! Oakwood Creative Care’s online classes are designed specially to engage the minds, hearts, bodies and age-related needs of seniors.

Oakwood Creative Care is a registered non-profit with 45+ years dedicated to serving the needs of seniors and their caregivers.

Our team of nurses, therapists, and instructors are specialists in teaching those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, physical and/or cognitive effects of stroke, and other age-related life circumstances. We use art, music, and activities to promote health and spark joy.


  • Tools to support your loved one
  • Learn safe & fun activities to practice at home
  • Special classes designed for caregivers
  • Promote brain health and communication techniques
  • Easy, affordable engagement


  • Discover new skills — Learn to paint, play music, or even, dance!
  • Stop feeling bored, and have fun
  • Increase strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Connect with others and join our OCC community of like-minded people

How it works

Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to engage in activities from home that strengthen the senior body and mind, while having fun! See demo, here.

1.  Choose an upcoming class in one of many  available categories.

2.  Register and pay for class.

3.  Check your email! You’ll receive an immediate confirmation with your class’s date, time, and a Zoom link to your meeting. Simply click the link when it’s time for class, and you’re in! If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, you can learn more & try a sample meeting here.

Cost: $10 per class

Some classes are part of a series which include 2 or more classes. The cost of these reflect the number of classes in the series.

Art Kit: $40 per kit

Kits can be shipped to your address, or picked up locally. Each kit contains materials to last through several art workshops!

Who we are 

“Treatment Beyond A Pill”

At Oakwood Creative Care, we’re specialists when it comes to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, effects of stroke, and age-related issues that can cause physical or cognitive barriers in older adults. For the past 45 years, we’ve operated as a non-profit adult day center — with two clubs located in Arizona.

Our members experience greater physical and emotional health through various forms of engagement that are designed to activate the senior mind, body, and spirit.

We’ve seen firsthand how art and music therapies can help a person to communicate, even in late stage Alzheimer’s or in those who are not verbal. Our approach is to engage the aging brain and enhance quality of life through music, art, discussing history, poetry, reading, senior-friendly exercise, and more. Most importantly, we believe aging should be FUN!

This video was submitted by the daughter of one of our lovely members, of her mother’s reaction to our Oakwood instructors & nurses singing “Happy Birthday”

Why Online?

When the pandemic began in March of 2020, we had to temporarily close the doors to our day clubs for the health and safety of our members. Almost immediately, we began hearing stories from their caregivers about their emotional, cognitive and physical decline. We were heartbroken to discover how the lonliness, boredeom and lack of engagement had affected our members & friends; we needed to find a new approach to connect with them in a meaninful and enjoyable way.

All of our online classes have been developed by our fantastic team of nurses, therapists, and instructors, and have been successfully enjoyed in person at our clubs. Our team understands the needs specific to seniors, and how to motivate, engage, and connect with them online.

Today, we’re happy to see that even when confined to a home, chair, or bed, seniors can participate in fun, creative, and brain stimulating activities by engaging with Oakwood Creative Care online classes.


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She has been giving her paintings to family members. We are so amazed by her talent. She’s only 92 and dosen’t care how old she is she still loves to paint.


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Learn alongside Oakwood’s famous RN, Rosemary, as she signs up for her first online class.

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