Virtual Private Sessions

One-on-One Engagement from home

A world of fun is at your fingertips! Oakwood Creative Care’s one-on-one sessions are designed specifically to your interests. 

  • Discover new skills — Learn to paint, play music, or even, dance!
  • Stop feeling bored, and have fun
  • Increase strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Connect with your favorite teacher, from home.
  • Choose whichever topic interests you.

How it works

Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to engage in activities from home that strengthen the senior body and mind, while having fun

1.  Choose an available time and date for your session.

2.  Register and pay for virtual session.

3.  Check your email! You’ll receive a confirmation with your session’s date & time, and a Zoom* link to your meeting. Simply click the link when it’s time for session, and you’re in!

*If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, you can learn more & try a sample meeting here.

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