She’s a bit of a legend around OCC: a whip-smart RN with a heart of gold, who not only works to help our members, but their families, too. Her straightforward adivce and wealth of knowledge helps countless families navigate their loved one’s care. Along with her crazy life adventures, Rosemary’s years of experience as an RN give her an amazing platform to tell us like it is.

Rosemary is a dementia expert who understands the aging process and how to improve quality of life, advocate for yourself and your loved one, and find humor along the way.  She is laugh-out-loud funny, wise beyond her years, and won’t hold back what is on her mind.

She’s a 39 (and 3/8) year old RN… with 60 years of experience!
Yup, that’s right — she’s defying the aging process and getting a little younger every year!

Real Talk: Tips and Info for Family Caregivers

For years, Rosemary has captivated crowds with her knowledge, often leaving people thinking “I wish I would have thought of that a long time ago” or “why didn’t the doctor just tell me that?”

Family Support Sessions

Complimentary 1 hour Session

  • Family support: get everyone on the same page
  • Medication review: understand prescriptions 
  • Discuss solutions to challenging behaviors 
  • Understand your options: Unlock resources and creative solutions
  • Create strategies to minimize symptoms
  • Discover helpful ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and guilt
  • Practical tips and tricks to help deal with changes, progression, and obstacles.
  • Increase the family support team’s confidence through education

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