The Oakwood Model

Oakwood Creative Care’s clubs offer a new paradigm of thinking for home and community-based services.

We’re committed to creating a fun, supportive, and engaging space which inspires moments of JOY. We honor personhood, aim to enhance self-esteem, decrease anxiety/depression, and ignite purpose.

We’re not a “locked facility” (when people are locked up and restrained, it increases agitation and aggression).  Further, we don’t wear scrubs, play bingo, or sit around watching tv. You won’t find stuffed babies or dogs or coloring sheets here, either!

A big part of what makes our clubs so unique is the innovative engagement “curriculum” we’ve created – with classes and programs designed to reflect our Members’ strengths and interests while encouraging independence and self-esteem, improving communication and creativity, reducing anxiety/depression, improving quality of life, and fostering lifelong learning.

Some of our classes include:

  • Intellectual Classes (Storytelling, Culture, History, Brain Fitness Exercises, etc.)
  • Creative Classes (Art workshops such as Watercolor, Mixed Media, Wood Working, etc.)
  • Wellness Classes (Zumba, Tai Chi, Strength Training, etc.)
  • Expressive Classes (Music, dance, poetry).

Thanks to the resources provided at Oakwood, the families of our members find many benefits, as well. They’re able to remain at work, reduce risk of hospitalization and falls, increase their own quality of life, and decrease family stress and caregiver burnout.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Eliminate isolation, boredom, and care partner burnout.

To enhance the quality of life and spark joy for adults with cognitive and physical challenges.


We believe in people, and their value.

We practice real communication and do the right thing.

We constantly improve through creativity & innovation.

Outcome Measurements


Of members maintained or improved cognitive abilities within the first 6 months


Of members increased cognitive abilities within the first 6 months


Of members maintained or improved cognitive abilities after 6 months of membership and annually thereafter


Of members maintained or decreased depression within first 6 months


Of members decreased depression within first 6 months