Adam is quite popular with the members at Oakwood, and he’s made several friends during his time working at “the club”!

Around here, Adam isn’t hard to find. You’ll spot him in several videos on YouTube, teaching how to paint or giving advice to caregivers of those with dementia or other age-related challenges. When he’s not busy working with members in the club, he’s often teaching a variety of customized subjects in virtual one-on-one sessions online!

Adam Jackson

How long have you been at Oakwood?
Since July 14, 2017 – 3 Years!

What do you do here?
Art Teacher

What is your favorite part about coming to OCC each day?
Teaching art…(especially painting). 

What is one thing you have learned from an experience with an Oakwood member?
“Art is hope in tomorrow.”

Name a method you use for successful communication with a person who has dementia…
Active listening

Check out some of Adam’s beautiful paintings in our online shop!