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Loved One

Find community with others on the dementia journey at the Mesa Memory Cafés.

Dementia Friendly Mesa is dedicated to supporting individuals with memory challenges and creating a compassionate, inclusive community for those affected by dementia. Participate in a free, one-hour session to deepen your understanding of memory loss and discover how you can truly make a difference. Let’s come together to redefine the way we view and support those living with dementia in Mesa!

Arizona is the
#1 State for dementia
and Alzheimer’s

Over 150k Arizonians have Alzheimer’s. This will increase 33.3% in the next 5 yrs

Half the people who have Alzheimer’s will never get a diagnosis

 Over 1 in 14 people aged 65+ will be diagnosed with dementia

1 in 4 workers aged 25+ are caregivers for someone with Alzheimer’s.

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Become a Dementia Friend? YES!

Dementia Friends Arizona encourages everyone to join this global movement and transform how you think, act, and talk about memory loss. By becoming a Dementia Friend, you’ll gain a critical understanding of dementia, its common types, and how you can turn that understanding into action.

After participating in a one-hour session, you can become a Dementia Friend in your community. This session will provide you with a change in perspective, a deeper sense of compassion, and the tools necessary to make a difference for the people living with memory loss that you encounter in your future.

Anyone can be a Dementia Friend – we all have a part to play in making Mesa a dementia friendly! From telling friends about the Dementia Friends program to visiting someone who is living with dementia, every action counts.  

Dementia Friendly Mesa
Task Force

Oakwood Creative Care

Jessica Major, Sherri Friend, Terri O’Herron, Monika Lukasiewicz, Megan Schapiro, Barbara Morris 

Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Sally Harrison

All About You Placement

Phaedra Earhart

Stoneridge Hospice

Marie Tobler, RN

Acoya Mesa

Monica Gollihur

Noble Hospice

Mike Ashby

Inspira Gateway

Gloria Goulding

Home Instead

Shanna Sellers

Community Members

Shari Eddy
Veronica Amavisca
Jason Stickelman


Mesa Chamber of Commerce
All About You Placement
Inspira Gateway
Always Best Care Senior Services
Noble Hospice in Mesa Arizona
All About You Placement

How to Become a Dementia Friendly Designated Business

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Training Objectives


  • Learn what dementia is
  • Recognize signs and risks of dementia
  • Learn tips for communicating, interacting and supporting people with dementia
  • Become connected with local resources
  • Learn tips and create a plan for creating dementia friendly physical space
  • Support for your employees who are impacted by dementia

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Step 2 Dementia Friendly Training

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Step 4 You Did It! (Receive your dementia friendly decal, poster, and electronic logo)

Businesses can make a big difference for people with dementia and their caregivers by making a commitment to be more dementia friendly. You can support Dementia Friendly Mesa by creating a dementia friendly environment at your business.

The Mesa Chamber has created a special designation for businesses who are willing to go the extra mile to create a Dementia Friendly Environment.  Join us in becoming a Dementia Friendly Business

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10 Signs of Alzheimer’s:
The Most Common Form of Dementia

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life

2. Challenges in planning or solving problems

3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure

4. Confusion with time or place

5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

6. New problems with words in speaking or writing

7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

8. Decreased or poor judgment

9. Withdrawal from work or social activities

10. Changes in mood and personality

If you or someone you care about are showing any of these signs you should ask others you trust if they are seeing these changes  and schedule an appointment with your doctor or a specialist (neurologist, geriatric psychiatrist or geriatrician)

About Us

As the 35th largest city in the United States, Mesa has a population of over 518,000 – with over 17% of that populace aged 65 or older. By 2025, Arizona is poised to have the fastest growth rate of Alzheimer’s and related dementias in the country.

Due to the increasing number of local residents living with the impacts of this disease, it’s imperative to involve and educate the community to support those affected by dementia.

The City of Mesa, in collaboration with partner businesses and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, have become “Dementia Friendly Certified” through Dementia Friendly America, in order to prepare our community with the resources; support; and education needed to create a safe and engaging community.

Mesa is committed to building a dementia friendly community through education, understanding, and engagement in the Dementia Friendly Mesa program. Our ongoing programming will include Memory Cafés, Community Outreach, First Responders Education, a business designation program, and Dementia Friends Information Sessions.


“Dementia Untangled” brings prominent experts together to help caregivers learn ways to better navigate their complicated roles and provide informed care to their loved ones.

Co-Hosted by Heather Mulder and Janice Greeno, and produced by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Banner Sun Health Research Institute (designated as Centers of Excellence by Banner Health for the care, support and research of memory disorders).

Each episode creates a unique environment to untangle the complex world of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The expert guests offer innovative ideas, practical strategies and proven methods to guide caregivers along a supportive path. To listen and subscribe to “Dementia Untangled”: CLICK HERE

Dementia Resources

Brain Health Check-In:
Call 623-832-5747 for a free appointment


Tools for Building Resilient Caregivers:
Learn strategies to help you cope if a loved one has dementia.


Medical Marijuana and Dementia:
Dr. Walter Nieri, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, discusses clinical studies on behavioral disorders in general and possibly in dementia-related disorders. Hear KJZZ radio’s follow up story with interviews from a caregiver and an expert in the field of dementia.


Memory Café

The Mesa Memory Café is a free class for the family care partner and the person living with memory impairment. 

Join us for a fun, safe, social, and supportive morning. Grab some coffee and a pastry, and then join an engagement activity or a care partner support group. Our team of community partners and dementia experts are here to join you in your dementia journey. 

When: Tuesdays from 1:00pm-2:30pm and Wednesdays from 9:30am-11:00am

Location: The Dementia Hub, 6915 E. Main St, Mesa AZ 85207


Flyer: Click here to download the Memory Café flyer

Becoming a Dementia Champion Is Right for Your Business

Take it to the next level and become a Dementia Friends Champion! Your passion will help others uncover their empathy and understanding of how they can impact those affected by memory loss.

Once you become a Dementia Friend, you can join a Champions Training, and become a critical piece of spreading dementia awareness to the community, families, friends and businesses.

Champions are at the forefront of the message – helping others to understand how they can make a difference in the lives of people and families living with dementia, by providing the one hour Dementia Friends training.