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At The Dementia Hub by Oakwood Creative Care, you’ll connect with the people, resources, and training needed to guide you and your loved one on your journey with dementia.

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Services we offer

Care Partner Training (COPE) Sessions

COPE Dementia Coaching Sessions

Work with a COPE trained Occupational Therapist and Nurse Practitioner to implement innovative and evidence-based strategies to address dementia specific challenges at home.


  • Functional Cognitive Assessment to identify abilities and interests
  • Home safety assessment
  • In-Home (or virtual) sessions with an Occupational Therapist
  • Customized non-pharmaceutical adaptations
  • Learn problem solving skills proven to effectively address common difficulties during activities of daily living
  • Practical stress management training
  • Develop plans for the future
  • Nurse Practitioner evaluations for underlying medical conditions and medication questions
  • Extending your family support to match your new chapters together.
  • Practical tips for how to help your loved one without taking over
  • Rekindling the connection with your loved one
  • And more

Looking for Adult Day Clubs?

We offer daytime engagement and care at the following Oakwood Creative Care locations:

Memory Cafe´

For Those with Dementia & Their Care Partner/Family

The Mesa Memory Cafe is a free class for the family care partner and the person living with memory impairment. Join us for a fun, safe, social, and supportive morning.

At the Memory Cafe, grab some coffee and a pastry and then join an Engagement Activity or Care Parter Support Group. A team of community partners and dementia experts are here to support you along your dementia journey. Click here for flyer!

Every Wednesday (excluding major holidays)
9:30am – 11:00am at:
The Dementia Hub
6915 E Main St
Mesa, AZ 85207

Workforce Training

Dementia Engagement Certification & Training for Professionals

Too often in dementia care, when a person exhibits depression, anxiety, or agitation, they are prescribed an antipsychotic or other medication. The possibility that they may simply be bored and need stimulation in dismissed. At The Dementia Hub, we’ve seen the successful results of quality engagement as a nonpharmacological approach to overcoming common challenges in people with dementia.

Our Engagement Certification and Training program teaches proven methodologies and approaches in cognitive stimulation, art workshops, music, and fitness, to:


  • Create successful and supportive environments using a strength-based approach
  • Improve the quality of activities in direct care
  • Overcome limitations and focus on existing abilities
  • Use improvisation for successful communication
  • Define the role of an engagement facilitator
  • The art of facilitating engagement
  • Creating a standard of engagement beyond “entertainment”
  • How to scale and adapt various models of engagement

Meet The Dementia Hub’s Occupational Therapist,
Monika Lukasiewicz

Are you…

  • Curious to learn more practical strategies and improve your knowledge of dementia?
  • Looking for new dementia friendly ways to engage in meaningful and rewarding activities?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, lonely, stressed or lost?
  • Having difficulty with your loved one’s change in appetite or eating routine?
  • Unsure how to help with getting dressed, grooming, or taking a shower?
  • Wanting to take a vacation or have some time away, but unsure what resources or techniques are available to help you?
  • Interested in joining a community who is also experiencing a journey with dementia?
  • Discover local resources available to help you?
  • Feeling that your skillset isn’t working anymore, as you try to help your loved one with dementia?

You are not alone. The Dementia Hub is a bridge to understanding support throughout all the stages of your journey in living with dementia. We offer Care Partner Training, Memory Cafes, Workforce Training, and more.

    Bring back the JOY with aging, through practical strategies to overcome:

    Anxiety/Fear • Arguing • Bathing • Exit Seeking/Wandering • Repeating 
    Misunderstanding of Dementia • Medication Review/Education

    What is the "COPE" model?

    COPE is an evidence-based program created by Drexel University to help people with dementia and their families manage daily care challenges at home and improve their quality of life. Check out this brief video introduction on Drexel’s website.

    Monika, Occupational Therapist and Dementia Hub Clinical Director

    Monika “Mo” Lukasiewicz

    COPE Occupational Therapist

    Monika is a C.O.P.E.-trained occupational therapist “COPE OT” who has over 20,000 patient encounters (including at least 6,000 home visits) in 13 years of home-based, outpatient, ICU, acute care, and acute rehab healthcare. She is also a writer, guest lecturer, “connector” and former podcaster. She fell in love with home-based occupational therapy about 7 years ago and now provides cutting edge, evidence-based occupational therapy to address dementia in the home using the research of world renown researcher Dr. Laura Gitlin’s and innovative occupational therapist Cathy Piersol’s C.O.P.E Program and is also certified in Skills2care. Her goal is to revitalize her community (personal and professional) through an equally revitalized understanding of occupational therapy and to inspirepractical use of research backed principles in dementia care in Arizona. She is also a member of AOTA, ArizOTA, LIPI and the Dementia Collaborative’s Dementia Squad.

    Riley Hooks Physician Assistant for Dementia in Arizona

    Riley Hooks

    Physician Assistant (MS, PA-C)

    Riley is a physician assistant “PA” who has over 40,000 patient encounters in 8 years of primary, urgent care, and housecall medicine. He fell in love with housecall medicine about 5 years ago and continues to provide primary, urgent, geriatric, and pediatric care in home. His goal is to obtain a full picture of his patients, accounting for their living situation, caregiver/family dynamics, and hobbies and interests. He has a substantial background in working with and managing dementia care. He is excited to be a part of the COPE program. 

    Local Resources for Dementia Professionals

    Creating ways to deliver dementia care better…together

    Enhancing the delivery of dementia care is not a small or easy calling. Undoubtedly, working on the front line to serve those with dementia can be very overwhelming and uniquely complicated.

    This is why we are building community and resources – to do it better, together. We aim to bring you “do-it-today” strategies, and a potent community built on real relationships through shared experiences and continued education. Our clinical approach to dementia care is based on the state-of-the-art research model developed by Drexel University, called COPE.

    We are uniquely innovating in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Social Work, and Activity Engagement. Our model of care can be implemented in a variety of settings, such as: home health, acute care, outpatient, skilled nursing, adult day care, memory care units, adult foster homes, and independent or assisted living facilities.

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