Engaging at Home enhances the quality of life for older adults by looking at the whole person; who they used to be, and who they are today. From the comfort of home, you can engage and inspire your loved one with fun, intriguing topics, and creative activities designed especially for those with declining cognitive and physical functioning.

By incorporating this program into your loved one’s life, you help them regain a sense of happiness, purpose, and wellbeing.

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How It Works

Engaging at Home™  is an at-home engagement program for older adults affected by dementia, and their families. As a month-to-month subscription, all materials are updated regularly to provide your loved one with stimulating activities, videos, and materials.
Our curriculum was established by Oakwood Creative Care’s partnership with ALLE Learning after decades of hands-on experience with seniors in our day centers. Through our combined research and expertise, we identified a need for better support for adults with cognitive and physical limitations while they weren’t in our care.  Many caregivers feel alone and lost in navigating how to keep their loved ones from becoming bored, depressed, or withdrawn at home.
Engaging at Home employs the activities, tools, and knowledge we have gained over the years by working hands-on with adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related challenges. We’ve found great success in helping seniors find joy, purpose, even creative new interests, and we are pleased to offer these tools to all aging adults – as well as their caregivers and families.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Real-life topics that encourage reflection and recall
  • Lifelong Learning activities & creative workshops which follow a monthly theme
  • 24/7 Access to your e-learning platform
  • Downloadable materials
  • Unlimited access to all libraries
  • Free webinars & support sessions
  • Wellness & Fitness videos

Is Engaging At Home a good fit for you?

Every person living with dementia is different, but research tells us that all people love to learn, laugh, and create.

We select age-appropriate topics, people, and events that happened throughout your loved one’s life to create meaning. Seeing images, hearing stories, and singing songs they are familiar bring past memories to the present. The Engaging at Home program includes meaninful content for all interests and personalities.

Full Library of Activity Materials

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Engaging & Age- Appropriate Topics

Unlimited 24/7 Access to Online Materials

Activities tailored to your diagnoses

Fun for caregivers & families, too

Unlimited Monthly Membership

Membership plan includes fresh, new, fun & delightful activities each month based on real-life topics that encourage reflection and recall. Narrated videos filled with colorful images, an interesting & fun story to tell, and plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage discussion.

Learn, laugh, and create all month long!


Unlimited Access to All Libraries

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