Adult Day Clubs in Arizona

“I’ll see you at the club!”

What is an Adult Day Club?

OCC Clubs (known throughout the industry as Adult Day Care) are radically changing the way care is provided.  

NO more bingo!
NO more sitting around watching tv or coloring!
NO more silly sing-a-longs!
NO more scrubs!

senior adult day care in arizona

We’re bringing back the JOY in aging, because a diagnosis should not define your life. There is treatment beyond a pill.

Your loved one will experience a research-based, cutting edge, person-directed care model that focuses on their strengths, interests, and wellness. This allows them to remain engaged in a life full of purpose and meaning, without moving out of their family home.

Our Adult Day Clubs Raise the Bar for Senior Care

Although the brain deteriorates in certain areas and causes impairments in thinking, memory, and judgment; research suggests that individuals can still communicate visually, through the creative center of the brain — even when they are no longer verbal.


Sick patients sitting around a TV


Eating off of food trays




Singing, joy & great food!


A FUN day club to get artistic & meet friends


A nonprofit treating aging adults with dignity

MIND: Cognitive Engagement | Music | Creative Arts

Oakwood’s Adult Day Clubs offer a variety of programs & therapies focused on treating the mind, body, and spirit.

Music Sessions

OCC Clubs offer a wide range of musical experiences (jam sessions, drumming circles, music history classes, performers, etc.) which are designed to stimulate emotion and memories. At times, musical therapy has proven to be so effective that people who have lost their ability to speak, suddenly recall a favorite song and sing along with the tune.

Lifelong Learning

Cognitive Engagement Sessions utilize history, discussion, creative writing, storytelling, poetry, and philosophy to expand conversations, promote critical thinking, and increase memory retention. These sessions create a sense of community while increasing social interactions and the opportunities to express thoughts. 


Our woodworking group helps members to build projects they enjoy, while receiving the level of physical assistance they need. Woodworking is great for those who once enjoyed it, as well as those who are looking to learn something new! Previous projects include a refurbished desk, a wheelchair ramp, and benches made from pallets.

Art Studios

Research suggests that when the brain is deteriorating and causing impairments in thinking, memory, and judgement; individuals can still visually communicate through the creative center of their brain — even when they’re no longer verbal.  OCC teaching artists facilitate hands-on learning experiences in painting, mixed media, sculpting, and woodworking.  

BODY:  Fitness Classes | Nursing Assistance

Fitness classes aim to reduce falls & hospitalizations by promoting balance and strength.

Fitness Classes

OCC’s nursing team provides medical oversight, assists with personal care, medication administration, nutrition counseling, family support, and education to support you and your loved one along your journey through healthy aging.

Based upon your loved one’s physical needs, they may engage in:

  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Laughter (Yep, laughter!)
  • Walks
  • Weight/Strength Training

SPIRIT:  Volunteering | Children & Animals | Gardening

Fitness classes aim to reduce falls & hospitalizations by promoting balance and strength.


Your loved one will have the opportunity to enjoy making tutus, quilts, and scarfs for foster children and veterans, as well as being involved in various local projects within the community.


Having children in the clubs strengthens the community while enhancing communication, stimulating learning, and increasing emotional support for our members. We partner with schools and community programs, while incorporating an infant-at-work program and children-at-work days.


At OCC, you’ll often find furry friends wandering around, looking for a little love! Be sure to watch for a therapy pig, as well as staff’s dogs that frequently come to work.


Spending time outdoors and getting your hands a little dirty is good for the soul!