Our History

an innovative approach to adult care

Oakwood Creative Care began as Sirrine Adult Day Health Services in 1975. The founders dreamed of a nonprofit that would provide an innovative solution to helping older adults remain in their homes for as long as possible, while staying connected to the community as their health care needs were being met.

Sirrine was licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services in 1987, and developed a strong partnership with the community. The City of Mesa and a collective group of women volunteered to create fundraising events and support for the organization. 

In 2013, Sirrine leadership changed and with it came a rebrand and revitalization.  The organization’s name changed to Oakwood Creative Care. The Board of Directors and staff leadership felt it was important to remain close to our deep roots in the community – however, they also wanted to offer a more innovative approach to the services being offered.  

Oakwood Creative Care’s rich history and ability to adapt to the needs of our members is a testament to the community that supports this amazing organization.