Finding Joy In Caregiving
January 26, 2022

Being a caregiver is never an easy feat. It’s a long term commitment that comes with watching someone you love age with a disease known to change the person you once knew, all while you juggle various roles and responsibilities to make sure your loved one is still being provided for. Some days, it feels as though the weight of the world is falling right on your shoulders.

We know your plate is full and that is why we’re here – to ease some of the burden for you and provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to ensure both you and your loved one are living a life full of meaning and purpose. This is a journey you need not walk alone and, even during some of the hardest trials, there is still joy to be found in caregiving.

Let us help you find it. 

Give Yourself Permission

It is important to remember your loved one is so much more than the sum of their memories. Their spirit and energy can still bring joy and meaning to the lives of those around them, even long after diagnosis.

As their caregiver, it is okay to give yourself the permission to see your loved one in a new way than they were ever used to. Sometimes, you must let go of the expectations created through past interactions in order to find meaning and connection after the disease manifests. Allowing the relationship to take on a new form will bring freedom and joy to both you and your loved one.

Cherish your memories, but also find comfort in getting to know your loved one as who they are today

We're Here For You

The impacts of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-related issues affect the entire family. Oakwood Creative Care provides services, education, and support to help you navigate through this journey.
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We're a nonprofit organization based in Mesa, Arizona with three senior day club locations (and a fourth on the way) which serve older adults with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and various other physical or cognitive challenges. Life does not end with a diagnosis. Our members continue to learn new skills, enjoy new discoveries, make friends, laugh, and live a joy-filled life. Our team of dementia experts lead support groups, events, classes, and private sessions with caregivers and families, guiding them on the best methods to care for their loved ones while also caring for themselves.

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