Dr. Lauren On Parkinson’s Disease: Let’s Get Moving!
April 15, 2022
Dr. Lauren on Parkinson's Awareness month

Parkinson’s Disease & The Benefits Of Routine Exercise

It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and Dr. Lauren Braley is kicking us off with some expert tips and tricks to get up and get moving! As a Physical Therapist specializing in Neurology, Dr. Lauren brings expertise to Oakwood Creative Care through the Memory Keepers Foundation. Dr. Lauren is passionate about bringing forth awareness and support to those living with Parkinson’s Disease. In these quick 1-2 minute guided video sessions, Dr. Lauren explains the importance of exercise in maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance. Then, she shows you exactly how to get started so you can get back to doing the things you love to do most! 

Reduce Tremors

Resting tremors are a common symptom of Parkinson’s Disease and are characterized by muscle contractions leading to shaking movements in one or more body parts. In this video, Dr. Lauren demonstrates how to gain back some control over tremors with this seated exercise focused on moving your arms and hands in a meaningful and powerful way. 

Decrease Freezing

When you have Parkinson’s Disease, it can be so frustrating when your body doesn’t move when you want it to move. When this happens, it’s important to give yourself a quick reset in order to get going again. Dr. Lauren shows you exactly how in this demonstration with just a few quick and easy steps!  

Decrease Rigidity 

It’s time to think BIG! With Parkinson’s Disease, reduced dopamine levels can lead to stiffness and tightness throughout the body’s trunk and other muscles. Learn how you can improve spinal rotation and loosen up your trunk with this video by Dr. Lauren! 

60 Second Parkinson’s Disease Squat Challenge

How many squats can you do in less than one minute? Whether you have Parkinson’s or know someone with the disease, try taking this 60-second challenge to see how many squats you can do! 

Getting Out Of Bed

We know how difficult it can be to get out of bed in the morning when you have Parkinson’s Disease and how it can take longer and be more strenuous on your muscles and spine. In this video, Dr. Lauren demonstrates the perfect way to start your day by waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed!

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Dr. Lauren on Parkinson's Awareness month


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