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September 14, 2023
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For families embarking on an uncharted path with a loved one’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or stroke, discovering Oakwood Creative Care can feel like a wish come true – like stumbling upon a garden of hope where every person adds their unique colors to a mosaic filled with promise, comfort, and the joy they once feared was in the past. However, Oakwood’s work wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you.

As a nonprofit organization, Oakwood relies on the generous support of our community to continue providing and expanding care solutions for our elderly members in need and their families. When you donate to Oakwood, you are taking an active role in support of our mission to improve quality of life by sparking magical moments for seniors in your community.

Donate Today & Help OCC Create A Life Of Enchantment For Seniors & Families In Need

In a state where nearly 20% of the population is aged 65+ and the rates of dementia are growing exponentially, Oakwood’s services are needed now more than ever. We provide a welcoming community to family members as they transition into their new role as care partners, with memory cafés, support groups, educational presentations, care partner training programs, and opportunities to connect with others who share a similar journey.

At Oakwood, you’ll find a vibrant place where a person’s physical or cognitive challenges don’t impede them from living each of life’s moments to the fullest. You’ll find members who are picking up a paintbrush for the first time or reconnecting with the joy the piano once sparked in their younger years. Some may choose to join a woodworking class, while others dive deeper into a discussion on world history, plant flowers in the fresh air, or sing in the choir.

Know Exactly Where Your Dollars Go When You Donate To OCC

Every day at the club presents a new opportunity for Oakwood members and families to discover meaning, purpose, and, most of all…JOY! When you donate to Oakwood Creative Care, your kindness and generosity can provide seniors and their care partners with the following invaluable resources:

oakwood creative care offers engagement and inspiring activities for seniors and older adults with dementia
Oakwood Creative Care celebrates world music therapy week
Donate To The Community Activity For Seniors

1 Week of Transportation Services

2 Art Classes A Day At Each Day Club

Caregiver Support Groups

Full Day of Meals At The Club

Community Events (Training, Education & Ice Cream Socials)

Garden Maintenance (Plants, Soil, Tools, Replacement Furniture, Upkeep)

Become A Part Of The Celebration During Moments Matter

Before the end of the year wraps up, come see the enchantment of Oakwood Creative Care for yourself during our 2023 Moments Matter Gala hosted at The Wright House in Mesa, AZ. This whimsical and heartwarming evening of celebration will take place on Friday, December 1st, at 6 PM. Grab your ticket today and get ready to be transported into a realm of magic, joy, and unforgettable memories for you and the families Oakwood supports!

For more information about ticket prices and sponsorship opportunities for this enchanted evening, visit

Oakwood Creative Care's 2023 nonprofit fundraising gala for dementia alzheimers parkinsons disease and stroke in Mesa, Arizona to be held at the Wright House

Your Donation COuld QUalify For A Tax Credit!

Donations made before April 15th, 2024, may be eligible for the Arizona tax credit if you pay state taxes.  As a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO)**, any qualifying donations made to Oakwood Creative Care could be applied as a dollar-for-dollar state income tax reduction on your 2023 tax filing. This means your donation will come right back to you at tax time – a win-win for everyone!  

When making your tax credit donation to Oakwood Creative Care:

  • Singles can give Oakwood Creative Care up to $400, and married couples can give $800.
  • You don’t need to itemize your taxes to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • You can simultaneously claim Public and Private Education Tax Credit.
  • You have until April 15, 2024, to make a donation that qualifies for the tax credit.

**QCO Tax CODE: 20560. Tax circumstances may vary. Please consult with your tax advisor for specific questions about your tax situation.

donate to oakwood creative care and support Arizona seniors and care partners


We're a nonprofit organization based in Mesa, Arizona with three senior day club locations (and a fourth on the way) which serve older adults with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and various other physical or cognitive challenges. Life does not end with a diagnosis. Our members continue to learn new skills, enjoy new discoveries, make friends, laugh, and live a joy-filled life. Our team of dementia experts lead support groups, events, classes, and private sessions with caregivers and families, guiding them on the best methods to care for their loved ones while also caring for themselves.

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