During my first visit to Oakwood, I had an experience with a member that deeply touched my soul — forever shaping my appreciation for what we do…and why we do it.

As I explored the club that day, a member named Danny approached me. At only 52, Danny was one of the younger members at OCC. His early onset Alzheimer’s disease had altered his life in many ways, making it difficult for him to communicate his thoughts or find the right words to express himself.

As Danny approached me, he excitedly asked:

 “Can I show you my painting?”

I followed along as Danny led me to the room where his art was displayed, all the while telling me about the new passion he’d discovered at Oakwood: art. Clearly, this surprised him as much as it filled him with a sense of pride. Recounting the painting he was about to show me, Danny exclaimed:

“who’d have thought, me, an artist? I captured the sky!”

Painting of the Night Sky

“Night Sky” painting by Oakwood Creative Care member

Upon seeing Danny’s painting…I had goosebumps.

He really had caught the night cosmos!

I gazed thoughtfully at this painting for a while, appreciating the ideas, creativity, and passion that went into creating this striking piece of artwork.

Danny’s art, his words, and the abounding pride he had in his accomplishment gave me the chills. Here was a man who struggled to retain his memory, yet recalled his project from 3 months before.

His art remains one of my favorites, still displayed at the club.

– Carol