Hello good friends of Oakwood,

Need I say that most (if not all) of us are not having the “best of times” these past few months. So, I’d like to share a few tips with you to easily increase your happiness levels!

Recently, I’ve been teaching different methods to find happiness in an online class series I’ve been hosting, called “Happiness for the Caregiver”. These two steps are part of the first ritual I teach about.

P.S. This is all from neuroscientists (current material that works) not something that I made up!


The most important question to ask when you feel down is:


“What am I grateful for?”

Just asking this question affects your brain the same way as antidepressants do!

Before you go to bed each night, write 3 good things that happened to you that day. Just keep a pencil and paper at your bedside to jot them down. You’ll need to do this every night, and soon it’ll come naturally and you’ll begin to notice yourself feeling happier and less stressed.

This works because you’re remembering the good stuff that happened, and not carrying around the negative thoughts. LET THEM GO!!


Do a “gratitude visit”: write a gratitude letter, or thank-you note, or even call someone to express gratitude for something they’ve done for you.

Make this a habit —it really will give you a good feeling!

This ritual is the first of the four to boost gratitude and happiness.

We have 2 to 3 classes left in my “Happiness for the Caregiver” series — give us a call if you’d like to join for the remaining classes.

– Rosemary