Get to Know Rosemary
July 17, 2020

Rosemary is quite popular around Oakwood. In fact, her straightforward, quick witted, and informative advice is so loved that she now has her own video series: Real Talk With Rosemary! (check it out, here) If you follow our blog often, you’ll find enlightening articles by Rosemary with advice for both seniors and caregivers.

We asked Rosemary a few questions to get to know her a bit better…

Rosemary Fuller

How long have you been at Oakwood?
21 years

What do you do here?
Work with families and members as the RN for Oakwood

What is your favorite part about coming to OCC each day?
The interactions with other people!

What is one thing you have learned from an experience with an Oakwood member?
Age does not matter at times, neither does full cognition. A member at Red Mtn. showed me that you can always voice your own opinion and speak your mind.

Name a method you use for successful communication with a person who has dementia…
A smile, handshake, or hug; meeting them in their world of reality, and the knowledge that they are always right!

Are you a Rosemary fan?
Our #RealTalkWithRosemary mugs are only $15 in the shop. All proceeds go toward helping provide care for seniors and those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, after Stroke, or other age-related challenges.

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We're a nonprofit organization based in Mesa, Arizona with three senior day club locations (and a fourth on the way) which serve older adults with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and various other physical or cognitive challenges. Life does not end with a diagnosis. Our members continue to learn new skills, enjoy new discoveries, make friends, laugh, and live a joy-filled life. Our team of dementia experts lead support groups, events, classes, and private sessions with caregivers and families, guiding them on the best methods to care for their loved ones while also caring for themselves.

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