November 29, 2021


A noun meaning the quality of being thankful, as well as readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Give The Gift Of Joy

The best gifts don’t always come perfectly wrapped in shimmery paper topped with a festively colorful bow. Sometimes, the best gifts come from paying it forward through acts of kindness, generosity, and shared advocacy. This Tuesday, November 30th, is GivingTuesday, a chance to donate, volunteer, and give back to the community by supporting foundations dedicated to making a difference — foundations like Oakwood Creative Care.

Oakwood Creative Care has the tremendous opportunity to work with seniors living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other age-related challenges, through reigniting old memories and creating new ones, all while sparking moments of joy along the way.

For the last 40 years, we have had our roots deeply planted in the soil of our community with the prospect of bridging the gaps in the continuum of care for seniors in need, as well as offering support to their families and caregivers — most of whom bear the burden of out-of-pocket financial responsibility for the costs associated with caring for their loved ones.

The Alzheimer’s Association reports 70% of lifetime cost of care, including medications, meals, and medical equipment, is borne by family caregivers, totaling nearly $257 billion in unpaid care costs for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias (2021). 

The Alzheimer’s Association reports nearly $257 billion in unpaid care costs for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias is borne by family caregivers (2021). 

Your Donations Give HOPE

The amount of loose ends left behind by a system lacking in support for our elderly members in need is unacceptable. This GivingTuesday, give the gift of senior community support by donating to Oakwood Creative Care, wherein each donation will go directly towards offering:

Hours of Member Scholarships

Support Group Sessions For Families

One-On-One Counseling, Support, & Education With Our Dementia Experts

Community Training & Education Workshops

Every dollar directed to Oakwood Creative Care will aid our mission in helping to ensure access to a community resource fully dedicated to providing creative, unique, and individualized care.

By being a part of Oakwood Creative Care, each member is given the opportunity to engage in a variety of extraordinary programs and therapies focused on treating the mind, body, and spirit, all while their families and caregivers are given the respite and comfort in knowing their loved ones are being carefully and respectfully provided for. 

This GivingTuesday, help us in our mission to provide exceptional care and #GivingHope to our elderly members and their families!


Join us this GivingTuesday in #GivingHope to thousands of seniors living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, and other age-related challenges!


We're a nonprofit organization based in Mesa, Arizona with three senior day club locations (and a fourth on the way) which serve older adults with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and various other physical or cognitive challenges. Life does not end with a diagnosis. Our members continue to learn new skills, enjoy new discoveries, make friends, laugh, and live a joy-filled life. Our team of dementia experts lead support groups, events, classes, and private sessions with caregivers and families, guiding them on the best methods to care for their loved ones while also caring for themselves.

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