Musical Therapy (feat. The Beach Boys): An Engaging At Home Activity
February 4, 2022

Oakwood Creative Care’s dementia experts and partners at ALLE Learning have joined together to design an innovative new experience focusing on creative and cognitive stimulation, right from the comfort of your own home. With Engaging at Home, memories and experiences are brought from the past into the present through immersive, age-appropriate experiences meant to help families learn more about their loved ones as they learn and create together. Some of Engaging at Home’s activities include musical therapy experiences, like this one, designed to help promote memory recall through reminiscing and meaningful conversations.

Musical Therapy (feat. The Beach Boys)

It’s time to have Fun, Fun, Fun with some of The Beach Boys’ top hits of their generation! Where words and rhythms collide, music has become such an inherent part of every culture. More astonishingly so, musical therapy has proven to be so effective that people who have lost their ability to speak, suddenly recall a favorite song and sing along with the tune.

With this free Musical Therapy: An Engaging at Home Activity download, you and your loved one can settle in with one of America’s favorite bands and reminisce over the memories of joy brought forth by revisiting one of the greatest hitmakers of the early 60’s and 70’s. Looking to make this a fun and fully immersive experience? Bring out beach photos and memorabilia to help inspire a connection and discussion about each song included within this activity.

Free Activity Download

“Musical Therapy (feat. The Beach Boys”

This musical therapy activity includes 9 different selections of hits by The Beach Boys, paired with Youtube links to each song and quick snippets of history behind the rock band that started it all. As you listen, take the time to pause and ask some of the open-ended questions we have included, designed to get your conversations started as you and your loved one reminisce your way through the past and into the present. 


With an Engaging At Home membership, participants gain access to a full library of activity materials, Wellness & FItness videos for seniors, engaging and age-appropriate topics, unlimited access to all online materials, and a world of fun for caregivers and families, too.

Engaging at Home's Musical Therapy Activity featuring The Beach Boys was created to encourage meaningful conversations and moments of reminiscing as caregivers and their loved ones revisit songs from one of the biggest hit makers of the 60's and 70's.


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