Heart-Healthy Exercises For Seniors
March 3, 2023
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February was American Heart Month, a national opportunity to embrace and educate one another on the importance of cardiovascular health. Now, just because we have entered into the month of March does not mean we cannot take this opportunity to encourage a heart-healthy lifestyle all year long! According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, making now the perfect opportunity to ramp up your defenses by adopting a new lifestyle that includes getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity. Not sure where to start? Keep scrolling for Oakwood’s advice on implementing heart-healthy exercises, perfect for seniors and caregivers!

Oakwood Has Your Back With Heart-Healthy Exercises For Seniors

As part of our year-long initiative to kickstart a heart-healthy journey for all, you can virtually join Oakwood Creative Care’s very own Dr. Lauren Braley as she guides us through a week of heart-healthy exercises for seniors. These exercises have been hand-picked based on the guidelines of the American Academy of Sports Medicine‘s weekly exercise recommendations for all ages. In recognition of National Heart Month, Dr. Lauren has chosen exercises that are easy to modify and accomplish for all ages – especially older adults. Check it out here:

How Do Seniors Benefit From Heart-Healthy Exercises?

Even if you have never worked out a day in your life, it is never too late to get started! No matter what age, staying active can help you live longer and decrease the risks of heart disease. According to the Senior Services of America, dedicating time within your weekly routine to accomplishing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity can strengthen your heart by helping to improve:

  • The amount of blood that is pumped out of the heart per minute
  • How your body uses oxygen 
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rates
  • Circulation
  • Breathing 

Some examples of moderate-intensity exercising, as highlighted by Dr. Lauren, include walking, hiking, dancing, and even yard work. By spreading out your physical activity throughout the week, you’ll be aiming to accomplish five sets of 30-minute workouts (meaning one 30-minute workout per day, which can also be broken up into two 15-minute workouts a day to better accommodate your physical and daily needs).

Want More Exercise Walk-Throughs For Seniors? Look No Further!

Did you know Dr. Lauren is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy? That’s right! Plus, you can follow along with Dr. Lauren on Oakwood Creative Care’s YouTube page as she shares all of her expert tips and tricks to help seniors get up and get moving! In quick 1-2 minute guided video sessions, Dr. Lauren explains the importance of exercise in maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as offering an entire series dedicated to adults living with Parkinson’s Disease. Then, she shows you exactly how to get started, so you can get back to doing the things you love to do most!

Did You Know?

Oakwood Creative Care is bringing back the JOY in aging! We believe a diagnosis should not have to define your life. Instead, we have devoted our mission to reigniting hope for caregivers and older adults with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-related challenges. Click the button below to learn more about how we do this through our research-based, cutting-edge, creative care model found at each of our Day Clubs.

heart-healthy living and exercises for older adults and seniors


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