Advances In Alzheimer’s: Presentation At The Dementia Hub
May 26, 2023

Recently, Oakwood Creative Care hosted Dr. Goldfarb at their Dementia Hub location in Mesa, Arizona, for a presentation titled “Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis and Treatment and Implications for Care Partners.”  The goal of Dr. Goldfarb’s seminar was to discuss and answer questions regarding standard practices of dementia care as well as cover some of the latest disease-modifying treatments making their way into the field. Dr. Goldfarb also brought forth additional thought-provoking conversations about what these new advancements mean for care partners of loved ones with dementia and how they help pursue meaningful improvement in the lives of those affected by this life-long disease.

Watch Now: Dr. Goldfarb’s Presentation On Advances In Alzheimer’s

All About Dr. Goldfarb:

Dani Goldfarb, MD, is a double board-certified neurologist and psychiatrist at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Sun City, Arizona. Her interest in dementia began while working as a program assistant for a local hospice dementia program. She earned her medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and completed a combined neurology and psychiatry residency and neurodegenerative disease research fellowship at Brown University.

Dr. Goldfarb is a fierce advocate for Alzheimer’s disease, caring for patients and families at the Banner Cleo Roberts Memory Center, leading several Alzheimer’s clinical treatment trials and advances, and using grant funding for initiatives to increase diversity in Alzheimer’s clinical care and research, as well as to improve the safe and successful collection of cerebrospinal fluid neurogenerative disease biomarkers.

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Advances In Alzheimer's disease


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