For so many people, retaining skills and memories can become increasingly difficult with each passing year. In some, this is due to a natural “slowing down” that can come with aging. While for others, common medical issues such as Alzheimer’s or other dementias, stroke, Parkinson’s, even Arthritis can create challenges when participating in activities which were once loved.

At Oakwood, we believe that every age should be fun.

Firsthand, we’ve seen the power of art, music, and physical activities in sparking memories (new and old) for those with memory-related challenges.

Recently, we were delighted to see this happen with a new member of Oakwood Creative Care: John.

John recently discovered a new love of gardening. His enthusiasm to till the soil and prepare the garden beds outdoors brought a smile to everyone’s face at our Town Center location. One of our instructors (and a new friend of John’s) captured this wonderful video to share the moment:


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